A Year Ago Today 一年前

A year ago today, I uprooted my life from northern California and moved down here to southern California in search of a better me, a happier me. It wasn’t a last-minute decision, but anyone who knows me well knows that it wasn’t an easy decision.

October of 2016 did not shine too brightly on my husband and I. Both of us received the news that our jobs at that time were not going to be permanent ones any longer. We clearly examined our situation and it was an easy decision that moving to southern California was the best option. Silicon Valley was simply too expensive to live in, especially since we were in the heart of it. Who can compete with couples with dual income working at Google, Facebook, Apple buying houses left and right driving up house prices.  I could have waited for hubby to finish his term at the end of April to move with him. I could have leisurely waited in the comfort of my own home to wait out the “storm”. There were so many possibilities, but I just couldn’t wait any longer for something to happen. I wanted to truly be in charge for once in my life. I don’t recall when or why I decided to move on February 8th. However once I made that decision, I was determined.

That was the lowest point in my life where I had no goal, no purpose. I just knew I needed a major change. I’m not trying to sound so dramatic; I’ve had 4 other major moves in my life. This one though, it was completely up to me, which was a first for me. No one could understand the pain I bare in my heart to leave my parents behind, but I wanted to make sure I finally take charge of my life.

A year ago today, I would have never thought I would be where I am today. Living in a home with my name on it, with 2 fun-loving cats, and writing on my own blog. It is not just what I have tangibly, but the feeling of confidence, strength and ambition.  I couldn’t have done this without my sister’s family to accept me into their loving home. Also my hubby who I love so deeply and perhaps not express so explicitly. My family is my rock and I am theirs.

A year ago today, I knew it was time to change my life for the better.

All the cute gifts waiting for me at my sister’s home when I arrived a year ago! To help me not miss hubby, they made me an awesome frame to put our pics in it!

4 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today 一年前

  1. The light at the end of the tunnel will be reached. The path is often bumpy but you’ve come very far already. I feel your hope, your determination and it also inspires me to continue with my journey.
    I love your writing style. It’s honest and full of emotions. Look forward to continuing to bare witness to your path to a healthier and happier you. 💗💞

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    1. Thank you for being a constant supporter. 🙂 I know it seems cheesy to constantly thank. Words can’t describe how much you being there means to me! Can’t wait to catch up and hear about your journey!!


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