Teeny was our first cat adoption since Bundie passed in 2016. Teeny joined us in June of 2017. 

Mittens was our 2nd cat adoption last year. She joined us August 2017.

Luna is their dog cousin who joined the family October of 2017.

Tuxie, our third girl, joined us July 2018. 

Enjoy in chronological order, the most recent picture on top.

So many people waving flags..I’m not so sure I’m in love with this thing on my neck.
I guess I will try it out too!
Luna bed?? I don’t think so!
Dog toy?? You mean MY toy!
They made me a bed but I like this planter better. It’s nice and warm.
This seems comfy…and these 2 hoomans seen nice also.
Ohhh my BOYfriend Snoopy came to the park too!
I enjoy going to the park with Uncle & Aunty.
Aunty got me this lamb lamb toy, I love lamb lamb!
What’s this comfy spot? I think I smell my cousins..
Mommy don’t get up, it’s too comfy here!
OHHH what are these bubbles?
Opppps, mommy caught me…
Okok, I like you too….
I guess it’s ok, at least Mittens is keeping me warm.
Why must Mittens follow me everywhere??
SHHH!!! Don’t tell MITTENS that now 2 months went by I can slowly tolerate her.
My favorite thing to do, NAP with daddy!
Mommy don’t leave me alone with the furry monster!!
I’m enjoying my tree all by myself. Just the way I like it!
SISTER!!!!! I want out of this room!
You got me a whaaaatttt????
I like this fury hedgehog toy.
I will accept this hooman as my mommy.
I can sleep anywhere!
What am I suppose to do with this without a comfy padding hooman??
I’m melting into the couch!
This seems like a good place to nap
This blanket so fluffy!
I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes.
These hoomans took me to this strange place. And they keep saying “Teeny” to me.