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bitter melon
10/16/2018- Blanched bitter melon with minced garlic and ponzu sauce.
10/15/2018- Homemade protein style (bacon, grilled onions) burger with an egg on top!
10/12/2018- First meal out since starting Keto. Crab omelet with a side of bacon.
10/2018- Salmon fish bone soup with shirataki noodles
9/2018- My yummy mean green juice. I started juicing again before I did Keto.


2/26/18- Trader Joes meatless patties, hard boil egg, cottage cheese, avocado, and ego.
Broccoli Cheese.jpg
2/25/18- More great snack with no cabs!
Baked Taro chips.jpg
2/25/18- Sliced up taro, baked with olive oil. Great healthy snack!
Chinese Hot Pot.jpg
2/21/18- Lamb, beef, shrimp, chinese veggie and taro. Satay sauce with egg, green onions and cilantro.
Egg Muffins
2/23/18- Top row: beef sausage. Middle row: turkey. Bottom row: crab. Video will be posted Monday 2/26 afternoon!
2/25/18- Mixed greens, bell pepper, raspberry, pomegranate, hard boiled egg, small beef sausage, salad topping nuts, cheese and guac.
Salmon & Green beans.jpg
Costco stuffed salmon. Steamed green beans with sesame oil.

2-7-18 breakfast. Cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs(1yolk), trader joes meatless patty, broccoli and nuts.


Chicken noodle soup. With yam noodles!20180116_190604.jpg

Baked tilapia from costco. Seasoned with a little garlic salt and pepper.20180116_190606.jpg

Need me some meat, so added 2 left over meatballs from last night.20180118_093842.jpg

Little smokies(grass fed) from costco. 20180119_100018.jpg

So my doc wants me to eat a little more carbs so I can use humalog. My cheat day includes ramon and red meat. 20180119_190601.jpg

My version of egg pancake (蛋餅). OMG I miss Taiwan! Meatless patty from Trader Joes.20180121_094935.jpg\

Pastromi meat from costco. Learning to portion control!20180121_132157.jpg

Fish from Trader Joes. Tofu, lotus root and cabbage soup. The zucchini strips from Trader Joes as well.20180122_185812.jpg

Turkey with onions and tomato. Cucumber marinated with white vinegar. 20180123_191318.jpg

So this is the yam noodle I keep talking about. I got it from HMart. I’m pretty sure you can find this in any asian market. 20180124_191756.jpg

Yam noodles
Baked Chicken, yam noodles and green beans stir fired with turkey meat.



Sausage stir fried with onion and bell pepper. wheat toast.