Keeping track

Technology is supposed to be great now we are in the 21 century. You would think between our cell phone, laptop, test meter and blood pressure machine there is an easier way to keep track of all your numbers. 

It seems simple enough, you test your blood and it’s in the meter. It’s also wonderful that your doctor’s office can download your numbers from your test meter. But how about when their machine breakdown half of the times when you go visit? It basically made me waste time going over my numbers manually with my doctor and wasted a good 20 minutes. Is this what I pay $40 copay for? I don’t think so. 

Now I’m taking the liberty to track my numbers correctly and efficiently, via Google sheets. I’ve created a log where no questions will be left un answered. Such as did you take Humalog with that meal? What carb did you eat with breakfast? Etc.

I’m also making this log public so everyone can help keep me accountable for how I’m doing and if I’m being a good girl. 🙂

Diet and exercise. Doing it right!

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