Bad days

Sometimes it just seems like everything is out to get you, doesn’t it?

My after dinner and bedtime glucose number was between 70-85 last night. I was motivated after lunch and dinner to go on a nice 10minute jog each time. Just when I thought I was doing so well….My fasting glucose this morning was 127…wth?? Really? Guess it could be anything and everything. Lack of sleep? Being beat down by words from the ones I love? Or simply because I can’t undo all the years of bad eating in one day of motivation.

I ended up on Facebook meandering for positive quotes and thoughts. I got my dose. Onward to cute pet videos. Ahh, happiness meter is filling up slowly. However can’t escape for too long. There are responsibilities that needs to be taken care of. I remind myself I am lucky to have all that I have and more! I am blessed with life and love.

Constant reminder that all is well and life goes on.

2 thoughts on “Bad days

  1. Sorry if you feel I am trying to hurt you. But I guess that means your words don’t hurt or I don’t have a heart or else why it hurts just you?

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