Sensor Change

This was my first sensor change that happened on November 29th 2018.

The second sensor change was last night December 9th and it wasn’t any smoother. Especially I did it prior to the sensor completely ending. Therefore it took time to figure out how to update it on the receiver/phone. I was glad I kept all the information booklet and instructions so I could refer to it. Basically it is easiest to wait until the time runs out on your sensor. Your receiver will tell you the sensor is no longer sending readings to your receiver, it will alert you prior to 6 hours, 2hours and 30minutes to ending. That way you can just follow the receiver/phone step by step. If you must end it prior to  the receiver/phone telling you it has ended, just go ahead and take the sensor off your body. Replace with a new sensor and place the transmitter back into the new sensor. Once you have done that, go on the receiver/phone app, go to settings and choose new sensor and follow the instructions on there. Dexcom definitely keep it user friendly for everyone to operate it.


Dexcom G6 Unboxing!

FINALLY this long overdue video is ready! It took a hot minute to get it all organized. In the end I had to leave it in two separate videos. Hope it doesn’t bore you to death because it is the longest video I’ve put on here thus far. However if you are interested with what Dexcom G6 is, or how to install a Dexcom G6, it could be useful to you.


November 30th 2018

Time flying by too quickly. Lots to do therefore I am so behind on getting two of my previous videos up on here. Hopefully this weekend!

Dexcom G6

I was so excited to receive my Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM) in the mail yesterday. I recorded the unboxing and me applying it. I will upload the video soon.

November 13th, 2018

Wow time to catch up. So much to talk about. Hmm ketchup….ok I’m hungry haha.