First time for everything

My first time doing a timelapse video. So excited to get my cats these adorable advent calendar from Trader Joe’s. It’s their first time having it for the cats. I could only get 2 at the time since it quickly sold out. My sister came to the rescue and got me a third one. My girls are definitely spoiled rotten. I was thinking they could just share….but good thing they didn’t have to. They are really enjoying these salmon seaweed treats.

Enjoy the video!

June 18th 2019

Feels like we are the only ones that didn’t and doesnt celebrate father’s day. I just hate not being able to cheer up JR.

Feels so wrong to not be happy and cheery after a nice long vacation. But when 2 deaths in the family happens back to back, can’t help but wonder if bad things really comes in threes.

May 10th 2019

Trying out new things and making friends. It is definitely hard to make new friends when we are older. Hence I am now a cat lady. The noise in the background is me trying to entertain my girls with a shoelace so they don’t cause a ruckus

Happy Friday!

February 25th, 2019

Monday mood. Not sure why I have to constantly have inner struggles with myself with something that is insignificant.

Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

A new year, new outlook! Here’s a peak at what makes this new year “happy”!


Feeling unachieved and useless.

It may be a phase but I don’t really like how it is making me doubt myself.

Dexcom G6 Unboxing!

FINALLY this long overdue video is ready! It took a hot minute to get it all organized. In the end I had to leave it in two separate videos. Hope it doesn’t bore you to death because it is the longest video I’ve put on here thus far. However if you are interested with what Dexcom G6 is, or how to install a Dexcom G6, it could be useful to you.


November 30th 2018

Time flying by too quickly. Lots to do therefore I am so behind on getting two of my previous videos up on here. Hopefully this weekend!

November 13th, 2018

Wow time to catch up. So much to talk about. Hmm ketchup….ok I’m hungry haha.


November 4th 2018

I always feel time is flying by extra quickly towards the end of the year. Do you get that feeling too?

Catching up on last week.