October 30th 2019

I’m baaaaaccck!

Very excited to be able to motivate my friend to see a chiropractor and also get a second opinion. I’ve lost focus a bit but it is never too late to focus on oneself. Our mental and physical health is so important. It took 30 odd years to realize. I hope it does not take another 30 years for me to master it!

March 18, 2019

Wow time slipped by, just like that half of March is gone. I even forgotten my anniversary for moving down here. I been down here for 2 years already? At the same time, it feels I’ve been here forever. Funny how that works.

Here’s a quick recap of recent events.

Test after test, this feels never ending. Doctor mentioned surrogacy. First time seriously considering pursuing that route. Would love to get off of these medications I’m currently on that’s approved for pregnancy. Even though they are safe for pregnancy, I’m not loving the side affects. Extremely tiredness, tingling scalp, dizziness, stuffy nose. Makes me feel like I’m sick all the time.

One take away is, don’t take too long to try and have baby. You never know what obstacles you may come across.

February 19th 2019

How many color shades can I go through?!? 😎 I like getting them from expos or events I go to because I tend to loose them or my nephew plays with them.

Anyway here’s an update.