Happy Freakin’ Anniversary!

After an eventful weekend at Big Bear lake last weekend celebrating hubby’s birthday….this week has been uninteresting.

I guess it’s the universe’s way to prepare me for today. Started out as an ordinary monday morning. Hubby and I decided not to do anything special for our 8th wedding anniversary since Covid19 is making it difficult for us to go out and his work has been crazy all week. However he requested Chinese food from a specific restaurant this morning. Due to his keto diet and finicky gouty foot….it’s hard for him to find stuff he can eat. So why not.

In the morning I received a surprising phone call, which I will discuss at another time. Right after I was able to grab a quick bite for lunch, then my future boss called to discuss my role.

Fast forward to dinner time, our wedding anniversary meal did not show. The story you can find out in my rant video. #doordashsfault

Of course after all of that I found out my mother-in-law’s backyard flooded and my mom’s fridge still did not work after supposedly fixing.

It may not be all that thrilling….but it just did not all need to happen on the same day. I guess when it rains, it pours, right?!?