The highly anticipated 2021 is finally here. What are your thoughts and dreams? Any new year resolutions? Or simply things you want to work on?

I sure do!

Happy Freakin’ Anniversary!

After an eventful weekend at Big Bear lake last weekend celebrating hubby’s birthday….this week has been uninteresting.

I guess it’s the universe’s way to prepare me for today. Started out as an ordinary monday morning. Hubby and I decided not to do anything special for our 8th wedding anniversary since Covid19 is making it difficult for us to go out and his work has been crazy all week. However he requested Chinese food from a specific restaurant this morning. Due to his keto diet and finicky gouty foot….it’s hard for him to find stuff he can eat. So why not.

In the morning I received a surprising phone call, which I will discuss at another time. Right after I was able to grab a quick bite for lunch, then my future boss called to discuss my role.

Fast forward to dinner time, our wedding anniversary meal did not show. The story you can find out in my rant video. #doordashsfault

Of course after all of that I found out my mother-in-law’s backyard flooded and my mom’s fridge still did not work after supposedly fixing.

It may not be all that thrilling….but it just did not all need to happen on the same day. I guess when it rains, it pours, right?!?

Current state of mind

Even though 2020 has not proven to be easy, I thought I was handling it well. Always trying to look towards the positive and finding new things to occupy my mind. However….sometimes I just cannot move pass the anguish.


This was it, time to say goodbye. I did not know how hard it was going to be. My lungs feel like flattened balloons and that I had bricks on my chest.

How a little five year old changed our world in three short months, I would never have thought possible.

I will never forget you….

To vent or not to vent

I have hope to do a vlog at some point. However my free time has been shrinking smaller and smaller with this wild and wonderful kiddo in my home. There are plenty of things we enjoy and there are definitely a lot of things we would love to avoid when it comes to the kiddo. However right now my frustration lies somewhere else. I know there are tons of other people expressing their dismay about this whole learning at home thing. I feel my concerns are a little more specific. I am very happy teaching the kiddo at home. I also feel she benefits from it as well. The regular routine and a little more peace and quiet compared to a school setting. I am aware my case may or is different from many others. But there were two incident that happened within the last week that had me feel very frustrated (and not towards the kiddo!! lol).

First kiddo’s therapist said its okay not to do the homework she assigns. That really didn’t sit well with me. I thought we are suppose to help kiddo learn to do better and always try her best (it was one of the good choices on her good/bad choices worksheet). So doesn’t this teach that inconsistency is something we allow? Our kiddo is not lacking any free time, so why can’t we ask her to do her homework? Therapist did explain to kiddo that she must do her SCHOOL homework, but any other homework the therapist assign her, she doesn’t have to do. The therapist doesn’t want to cause the kiddo any negative feelings….. I really do understand the concept but…it just feels…we are not holding her accountable. Therapist did tell me don’t remind the kiddo to do it, so I didn’t. Maybe in hope for kiddo to feel motivated to do it herself. Also to help her practice her memory. The kiddo did remember the next day and was talking about what she learned, so I asked if she wanted to do it, she said no. 

I know I’m not a professional. I don’t have a degree about child psychology or have any school-learned knowledge about how or what to teach our kiddo, but I just feel consistency is so important. Her school teacher also mentioned to the class that, kinder kids should only work a total of 2 hours a day… That was very shocking for me to hear also. There are twenty-four hours in a day, she spent about ten hours sleeping, there’s still fourteen hours left. With only 2 hours of “working” on school work, you want the kid to play for TWELVE hours a day?? I’m not saying kids have to sit with a book and learn all the time. But I feel a good compromise and mix between play and learning time is a better plan. Hubby said maybe teacher/district don’t want too much pressure on the kiddos AND the parents. I will just try and keep positive and believe that is what the message the teacher is trying to convey.

Well, better get back into the routine. Hang in there everyone!

Spring Break

This week is spring break. I have been doing research to see what activities we can do. I have to plan my day every 20 minutes at a time to make sure she is happy and engaged. Of course I make sure she is learning as she plays as well. I have been posting fun activities we have done through out the day on Instagram, don’t forget to check it out. With COVID-19 and this weather it is really hard keeping her entertained. Thanks to all the wonderful kind souls who has helped us during this time. In case you missed it, here’s a list of things my dearest foster girl need to keep her entertained during this scary time.

Please stay home and stay safe everyone! We can get through this together! Please feel free to message, call us anytime!

Wish list


Resources for kids

It’s been a wild week and half. I guess my dream of becoming a teacher has come true. With limited resources, we are making the best of it. After days of researching, I decided to put together some of the thing I found extremely useful with my kiddo.

Click on the link at the bottom for a list of resources. Let me know what other ones you have used and like that’s not on here!

Do not forget to have fun and relax once in awhile. Go grab your warm drink and cuddle up to watch Tokyo Disney, Disney Sea.

Resources for kids at home JM