What are you learning today?

Not exactly a new found interest. But a good way for me to know even more about my oils!

Wish granted!

Guess WHAT?!?!? If you missed getting your hands on the Young Living oils yesterday, you are in luck!!! Due to the terrible storm back east, Young Living is extending its once in a blue moon sale on their premium kit for a couple more days.

But no time like the present!!!! If you are curious about what’s in the kit, check out my hubby’s first unboxing, his premium starter kit. It really brings me joy to see him get excited about something I am involved in. Something that eventually will not only flow out of my vocabulary but also his. “What oil can I use for that?” This is not just a phase or a trend, but a lifestyle. Something that will help us in our health journey. Hope you will stay along our side and take this walk (or jump, skip and run) with us.