My Beautiful Diffuser

I never thought to show off my diffusers because I feel they are pretty plain looking. Last Christmas I got my first “pretty” diffuser! One that made me go, “OhhHhhhh”! Not sure why I didn’t post any pictures, but the pretty gray lantern diffuser sits on my night stand.  As long as I am not too tired before bed, diffusing Lavender and Cedarwood oil would be my go to. If I have been very sleep deprived, I may adjust my blend and add a little Gentle Gaby. The whole reason I start using YL essential oils, was to help myself get a better night sleep. I never imagined it would help me look at the world in a different perspective. Anyway, that’s a topic for another day. Right now I am very excited to show you my brand new Aria diffuser! Check it out!

Happy New Year!! 2020!!

I can’t believe another year went by SO QUICKLY!

How was the end of your 2019 and New Years going so far? Here’s what’s going on with me!


Here are the gifts I’ve made for friends and family this year! Diffuser ornament and Essential oil infused foot soak!


Feeling unachieved and useless.

It may be a phase but I don’t really like how it is making me doubt myself.

What are you learning today?

Not exactly a new found interest. But a good way for me to know even more about my oils!

Happy 2019!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years. Before I allow any more time to go by, here’s my first entry of the year!