First product review

I’m so excited to share with everyone my thoughts on these sugar free cookies.

Hope to have more of these videos in the future. I would love to help out even one fellow diabetic to find their treat!

January 30th 2019

Where did this month go?!? I can’t believe February is almost here.

Quick entry to announce my new idea. I’m so excited!


Feeling unachieved and useless.

It may be a phase but I don’t really like how it is making me doubt myself.

Distracted or distractions?

Why do I try to make things difficult for myself by doing too many things at once? Do I really need to be doing multiple things at once? I really just want to find a way to not over think all the time.

Natural Ingrediant Products and Prices Comparisons

Is subscription services the way to go? I’m looking to find products and services that fits my needs.

What subscription services do you like?

What are you learning today?

Not exactly a new found interest. But a good way for me to know even more about my oils!

Happy 2019!

Hope everyone had a safe and fun new years. Before I allow any more time to go by, here’s my first entry of the year!